Friday, May 27, 2011

31 Random Observations

  1. If you live long enough, you die. Some folks live long enough sooner than others.
  2. Jesus saves. His bride consumes.
  3. When you know that you are right, get a reality check.
  4. Life happens. Then you move on. Deal with it.
  5. A lot of folks want a freedom advocate, but they don’t want freedom.
  6. A terrorist is a supercriminal against whom others justify superpenalties; these penalties are then available to impose upon you
  7. The law is the genitalia of the state. The state rapes through the law. The state births death through the law.  A constitution is a compromised condom.
  8. Everything against  the State.  Everything outside the State.  Nothing in the State.
  9. Does not matter if a collectivist is ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’; a wet dream is a wet dream no matter who is dreaming it.
  10. When folks talk about paying a debt to society, they never mention the vig…
  11. I think prayer and masturbation are both better done in private, unless with somebody to whom you are really close. Children can figure out how to do either or both on their own.
  12. Truth passes through four stages: unheard or ignored, ridiculed, violently opposed, accepted as being self-evident
  13. Voting for the best of a bad lot is like praising the gentlest rapist. The best of a bad lot is still bad...
  14. When you don't try then you won't fly.
  15. Law is an instrument enabling some folks to assault other folks in the name of advancing 'common good'. Government folks are gang-members who steal from folks to pay for assault by the first against the second. Folks who enforce laws use up-to-lethal force to compel obedience. If you have other-than-permitted property, enforcers will cite you. If you refuse to pay or comply, enforcers may attempt to arrest you. If you resist, enforcers may kill you. Animals are property. I will not knowingly do business with owners who abuse their critters. Neither will I compel such folks to treat their critters to my satisfaction. Some folks believe that they can resolve their social concerns through the use of gangs. They move to areas that don't have much regulation and try to impose their opinions (enforced through up-to-lethal force) on other residents.
  16. The body covered leaves memory when scat is all that viewers see
  17. Politics resembles poker in that both are games of skill whose players lie and cheat to try to convince everybody else that they have the best hands.
  18. Folks vote for lies hoping that they are true and that voters will benefit. When the lies result in misery, the voters vote for some other lies.
  19. Know now what you will do then Keep from most that you know anything about anything Get supplies from the other guys.
  20. I try to tie a knot on the rope before I lay a hand on it, enabling me to hang on if I ever get to its end..
  21. Propaganda is information folks use to promote objectives
  22. Compromised communication creates concern; clear communication creates collaboration.
  23. noted.....I regret to inform you that I am too intellectually insolvent to comprehend your understanding, and to intelligently interact with you....sorry, you are outside my pay grade....
  24. Aren't these fools guys who never lose sight of the number one goal Go home to your loved ones at the end of your shift. and kill folks who get in your way...... and beat your wife..... and take pictures of your own kids and use the pictures for target practice.... and lock your dog in a car so it dies from heat exhaustion.... or what?
  25. wow.....I have real estate with a bridge for any lucky buyers who buy the goods some guys are selling......
  26. I vote within non-coercive environments such as Lions Club, or fraternity, or local town council, for candidates and issues. I vote at county and state environments on issues and bonds.... I vote not at all at federal environments.....
  27. There are no bad folks running for coercivist office, there are no good folks running for coercivist office, there are just vermin. Voting for the most benign vermin is still voting for vermin.
  28. I am not a patriot......Patriotism is a form of collectivism, based on a fallacy that geography defines character. Collectivism is a form of stupidity and moral laziness. Stupidity is a refusal to think. Moral laziness is support for hateful action against a person in the name of love for a nonentity.
  29. Hypocrisy is a very useful survival app.....or if you prefer, survival skill. Hypocrisy makes possible trade between folks of competing cultural systems. The fact that some politically-minded folks say one thing and ignore something more odious does tend to lead to the idea that hypocrisy is bad
  30. have you noticed that the end-point of christo-progressive theology is the extinction of human species as folks know it?
  31. ya know, folks talk to me and I don't understand because their voices fall on deaf ears.....I cannot understand the voices in my head because they talk in foreign languages...

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