Friday, March 23, 2018

34 Two Tops

Two tops were looking at a blissed-out bottom.

"What's with your bottom?", said Tom to Dick.

"I was inside of Harry, we were movin' n groovin' right along. I came, and for the fuck of it, yelled out 'Nineoneone!'

And right then, Harry came."


"So, Harry is a cop"

original joke 2018.03.23
revised 2018.03.24
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Saturday, July 1, 2017

33 You Own You: The Prime Axiom

You own you: the prime axiom.
You (subject and object) means the reader. 
Own (verb) means have the authority to use.
The (definite article) means specifically, or none other.
Prime (adjective) means the most important and/or the first in a series.
Axiom (noun) means a self evident statement that leads to other truths.

This essay is directed to you to make it personal.  I want you to grasp that self-sovereignty applies to you.  I want you to understand that your life is all about you, indeed.  So, I direct these words to you.

This axiom applies to every human.  No other human has authority to violate your authority to act or not, and you have no authority to violate their authority to act or not.  

The most important concept in liberty is that you are self-owned.  You have self-generated authority to act, or not.  You are responsible for your actions and for their consequences.  You are the central actor in your life.  

Thursday, June 30, 2011

32 Patriotic Collectivists

I just saw this item that so clearly defines what you are, socialists:

 [You] proclaim [yourselves] to be against socialism; but reflect on the often-overlooked forms that socialism takes in our time. The first type is corporate socialism... In an effort to keep home values from falling and to keep American automotive companies from going belly-up, the whole of the American mortgage market is socialized and American car manufacturing put on the public dole.
A second type of American socialism comes in the form of a gargantuan military industrial complex that plows through more than a trillion taxpayer dollars each year to sustain the American empire around the world, and be enriched, of course.
Yet a third type is that which provides social security and medical benefits for older Americans, people who believe that because they have paid into these systems their entire lives, they are entitled to receive back as much as possible.
These three systems of socialism are a main cause of the American bankruptcy. They are absolutely unsustainable. A consistent application of the principle of liberty must take aim at these programs, across the board,with no exceptions. [The Killing and Reviving of the American Dream by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr at]
You argue that government officials must manage economic actions within a society, by maintaining employement levels, by deciding who may work, by regulating compensation for work performed by those who have permission to work from government officials, by creating jobs and regulating the placement thereof, and by treating labour as a resource for 'the collective good.'

You support efforts by government officials to manage the lives of residents, through the use of up-to-lethal force, as resources for the good of 'society', or for the good of 'the country', or for the good of 'our culture'.  

You simper that a collection of words, that defines the conduct of government officials and employees, in some way protects your power to say no. You whine that folks who promised to 'defend' this collection of words while employed in government servitude are forever obligated to keep such promise even after they leave government service.  You think that such folks' lives are resources to forever maintain support for words.

You put your children on a plane to hell, knowing full well that you are sending them to the potentional destruction of their minds and bodies through service to a government, in the name of your own safety. You see their lives as resources to use for a collective benefit.

You take offence at the principle of self-sovereignty, that your liberty comes from your ownership of your life, denigrating it as a leftist idea, as though left or right are moral rather than perspective differences. You hold that sacrifice to the greater good is a moral imperitive so long as such sacrifice comports with your own collectivist bias, that a life is a resource for collective benefit.

Friday, May 27, 2011

31 Random Observations

        1. If you live long enough, you die. Some folks live long enough sooner than others.
        2. Jesus saves. His bride consumes.
        3. When you know that you are right, get a reality check.
        4. Life happens. Then you move on. Deal with it.
        5. A lot of folks want a freedom advocate, but they don’t want freedom.
        6. A terrorist is a supercriminal against whom others justify superpenalties; these penalties are then available to impose upon you
        7. The law is the genitalia of the state. The state rapes through the law. The state births death through the law. A constitution is a compromised condom.
        8. Everything against the State. Everything outside the State. Nothing in the State.
        9. Does not matter if a collectivist is ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’; a wet dream is a wet dream no matter who is dreaming it.
        10. When folks talk about paying a debt to society, they never mention the vig…
        11. I think prayer and masturbation are both better done in private, unless with somebody to whom you are really close. Children can figure out how to do either or both on their own.
        12. Truth passes through four stages: unheard or ignored, ridiculed, violently opposed, accepted as being self-evident
        13. Voting for the best of a bad lot is like praising the gentlest rapist. The best of a bad lot is still bad...
        14. When you don't try then you won't fly.
        15. Law is an instrument enabling some folks to assault other folks in the name of advancing 'common good'. Government folks are gang-members who steal from folks to pay for assault by the first against the second. Folks who enforce laws use up-to-lethal force to compel obedience. If you have other-than-permitted property, enforcers will cite you. If you refuse to pay or comply, enforcers may attempt to arrest you. If you resist, enforcers may kill you. Animals can be property. I will not knowingly do business with owners who abuse their critters. Neither will I compel such folks to treat their critters to my satisfaction. Some folks believe that they can resolve their social concerns through the use of gangs. They move to areas that don't have much regulation and try to impose their opinions (enforced through up-to-lethal force) on other residents.
        16. The body covered leaves memory when scat is all that viewers see
        17. Politics resembles poker in that both are games of skill whose players lie and cheat to try to convince everybody else that they have the best hands.
        18. Folks vote for lies hoping that they are true and that voters will benefit. When the lies result in misery, the voters vote for some other lies.
        19. Know now what you will do then
           Keep from most that you know anything about anything
           Get supplies from the other guys.
        20. I try to tie a knot on a rope before I lay a hand on it, enabling me to hang on if I ever get to its end..
        21. Propaganda is information folks use to promote objectives
        22. Compromised communication creates concern; clear communication creates collaboration.
        23. noted.....I am too intellectually insolvent to comprehend your understanding, and to intelligently interact with you....sorry, you are outside my pay grade....
        24. Aren't these fools guys who never lose sight of the number one goal:
           Go home to your loved ones at the end of your shift.
               and kill folks who get in your way......
               and beat your wife.....
    and take pictures of your own kids and use the pictures for target practice....
               and lock your dog in a car so it dies from heat exhaustion....
           or what?
        25.   wow.....I have real estate with a bridge for any lucky buyers who buy the goods these guys are selling......
        26.  I vote within non-coercive environments such as Lions Club, or fraternity, or local town council, for candidates and issues.

    I vote at county and state environments on issues and bonds....

    I vote not at all at federal environments.....

    there are no bad folks running for coercivist office
    there are no good folks running for coercivist office
    there are just vermin

    voting for the most benign vermin is still voting for vermin. 
        27.  Patriotism is a form of collectivism based on a fallacy that geography defines character. Collectivism is a form of stupidity and moral laziness. Stupidity is a refusal to think. Moral laziness is support for hateful action against a person in the name of love for a nonentity.
        28.  Progressives are folks who think that using a structure that empowers folks to steal from folks to finance assault by folks against folks, is the proper way to address their own discomfort at other folks' behaviour on real estate to which the uncomfortable folks have no individual claim. Progressives ascribe to this structure superior social status over that of individuals. Most folks call this structure government.
           Punitive progressives think that folks are evil and that the structure empowers some folks to punish, through using up to lethal force, other folks for being human, that is, for being evil. These progressives, (and other folks) call them(selves) conservatives.
           Palliative progressives think that folks are good and that the structure empowers some folks to punish, through using up to lethal force, other folks for being human, that is, for not being good enough. These progressives, (and other folks) call them(selves) liberals.
           Socialism is a method that folks use to manage folks behaviour through reward and retribution. It is based an illusion that a structure manages anything, or that a few power-lusting folks are smart enough to manage most other folks.
           Socialism is just a way to advance progressives' objectives:
               The subjugation of many and the death of others.
        29.  there are copsuckers and cops who intone BlueLivesMatter....and sucks to be anybody but a cop
           there are niggersuckers and niggers who screech       BlackLivesMatter.....and sucks to be nobody but a nigger....
           and then there is me: my life matters; your life matters; too bad about the other folks
        30.  why can't folks blame a belief system? folks can blame any thing they want to blame.... reality is that individuals are individually responsible for their own acts. when folks use belief in a faith-based ideology to excuse their behaviour, they are just trying to evade the responsibility that they bear for their actions. I don't care what you believe, I only care what you do..…
        31. Currently, US society is a police society on the way to being a cop society. Within the former, civilians direct cops through civilian-originated mandates. Cop-originated mandates characterise the latter.
           Later on, US society will devolve into a prison society, managed by folks who lust to control most other folks.
           At some point US society will degrade into a death-camp society when folks running a US prison society realise that there are insufficient resources to continue as a prison society.
        32.  Little details make perpetual improvement to un-usability inevitable.
        33. I see folks whining, about racism, and about whining about racism.
           I'm a real racist. I'm so glad to be a being who is part of the human race. I'd rather be human than any other race of created beings.

                                                        Thursday, September 9, 2010

                                                        Traditions and Ideals

                                                        Prejudice, immature attitudes, and unbecoming behaviour have no place in any rational society. This goes along with the fact that members make such a society what it is in the eyes of non-members. Actions which bring criticism upon the members bring criticism upon that society.

                                                        Prejudice is a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue. An immature attitude lacks sensitivity or intelligence in outlook. Unbecoming behaviour impairs the quality of the actor's life or that against whom such behaviour is directed.

                                                        Saturday, August 28, 2010

                                                        All Hail Heroic Actors

                                                        1. Hero = someone who saves, or tries to save, at least one life, even though such endeavor can, or does, lead to his own death.
                                                        2. Heroic = type of action by a hero to save, or try to save, at least one life, even though such action can, or does, lead to his own death. Used as a way of assigning virtue to the hero’s action, thereby elevating the esteem that others have of him.
                                                        Philosophic assumptions:
                                                        1. We who will die owe to others an obligation to delay their own deaths.
                                                        2. Those others who will die owe to us an obligation to delay our own deaths.
                                                        3. We owe an allegiance to a metaphysical thing defined by real estate property lines, because we live on such real estate with the permission of somebody, especially if we were born on it, or if we promised to obey somebody as a condition of permitted residency, or something like that. Frequently called a homeland, a country, a state, or a ‘hood.
                                                        4. We are required as a condition of living to adore heroes because somebody told us to. Since heroes save lives, or try to anyway, they deserve to be canonized, regardless of how they saved, or tried to save, lives.
                                                        5. We must prevent any possibility of death, however remote or close, even if such prevention exculpates other death.
                                                        6. Actions by individuals define collective character.
                                                        7. Collective character justifies individual tactics.
                                                        8. Assume does not mean to make an ass of you and me.
                                                        Let us assume that a government employee aka Our Guy (OG) deliberately lays on a grenade launched by a government employee aka Their Guy (TG), fatally absorbs its explosive impact, for the time being prevents the deaths of other OGs, and is posthumously lauded.

                                                        By definition, he is a hero. By definition, his actions are heroic. His actions define the survivors as heroes too. When the surviving OGs kill an aggregate of any number of TGs before they go home they too, must be adored. Who knows how many lives at home were saved by the deaths of any number of TGs?

                                                        Let us assume that an OG single handedly wipes out 4 TG machine gunners and saves 15 of his OG buddies from being killed by TGs.

                                                        He is a hero by definition. His actions define his buddies as heroes too. Since they’re heroes by association, their behaviour is heroic. If they kill any number of TGs they are saving any number of lives at home and deserve adoration by residents of the homeland or whatever.

                                                        Let’s assume an OG casts a puppy from a cliff. He is a hero because he is an OG. An OG is a hero by association because the buddies of the machine-gun-nest exterminator, heroes by association, are OGs. See how that works? Whatever he does is heroic. He is preventively saving your life by terminating any possibility that the puppy could infect you with rabies or some other lethal disease. Never mind that the puppy is on the other side of the planet, would not ever make its way to you, and therefore would not be able to infect you. The thought counts.

                                                        Let’s assume an OG in a chair remotely controls a combat drone into launching a missile into a wedding party. That’s OK. It does not matter that he killed people who were adjacent to the missile target. He is a hero because he prevented the possibility that any of the wedding party members could kill you. Never mind that they had never heard of you, had no interest in you, were all about their wedding, and were barely acquainted with the target. The thought counts.

                                                        Let’s assume that OGs come home and, at the direction of their supervisors, watch over you to protect you from TGs. The OGs direct your movements and your activities. They search you and your property at any time. They collect and safeguard your possessions, including firearms. They do this to save you from dying without permission from somebody else, even if this means killing you to get your cooperation. The thought counts.

                                                        Aren't these OGs wonderful? Don't you feel secure knowing that these heroes are willing to save lives by taking lives?

                                                        Warning: this essay contains Swiftian Analytical Logic Elements (SALEs). Readers who are deficient in SALEs acumen may be offended.
                                                        Reader indiscretion is not advised.
                                                        This essay is for entertainment only.
                                                        It has not been evaluated by any Federal agency, nor is it intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any condition.


                                                        Monday, June 14, 2010

                                                        They're All Just Like That!

                                                        Folks have tried to demonise other folks by claiming that individual responsibility defines collective character.  They then claim that collective responsibility defines individual character.  This view conflicts with the axiom of self-sovereignty: that you own your own life.  Your actions define your character.  You are responsible for how you turn out. 

                                                        So, through the years, different groups of folks were blamed for misfortunes because some of the group members committed atrocities
                                                        • Jews who manipulated financial events for their own benefit, canibalised children, and want to take over the world.
                                                        • Catholics who molested boys, tortured believers who didn't practice the faith correctly, and want to take over the world. 
                                                        • Germans who practiced Occult procedures, killed Jews, and want to take over the world.
                                                        • Communists who made everyone equally poor, killed landowners, and want to take over the world.
                                                        • Mexicans who stole jobs, reproduced indiscriminately, and want to take over the world.
                                                        • Teenagers who consumed without end, copulated all the time, and want to take over the world.
                                                        • Muslims who abused women and boys, killed non-believers, and want to take over the world.  
                                                        In each example critics claim that everybody in the referenced group wants to take over the world.   In each example some folks committed acts that reflected poorly on the group of which they were members.  In each example critics want to use coercion to address the concerns they have about their targeted group.   

                                                        I read that a group of folks witnessed a man hanging a seven-year-old boy, and didn't intervene.  How about that?  So now, somebody else wants to kill everybody in the area in which this man killed the boy.  She wants to blow up the whole town as an object lesson to others about what will happen to them if they kill, or permit someone else to kill, a child.  The objects of her ire are adherents to a belief system different from her own. 

                                                        An estimated two dozen teenagers at a dance watched some guys beat, rob, and rape a girl their age(15 years old) over a two-hour period.  They took pictures.  They shared those pictures.  They texted about what they saw.  Some laughed and cheered.  They went back into the dance or elsewhere.  They just went on with their lives.   Isn't that wonderful? Outraged folks have demanded that these bystanders should be busted for allowing the guys to assault the girl.   Some folks have actually suggested that those who shared the pictures should be busted on child porn charges.

                                                        In each case, folks condemn the bystanders because they did not intervene to stop the actions by the perpetrators.  In each case folks want(ed) government employees to bust the bystanders.  Or to kill them.

                                                        A problem is that when government employees act, they do so using stolen money.  Money that government employees collected from folks by threatening to harm or to kill them.
                                                        • Robbery is seizing another's justly-owned property without the owner's consent.
                                                        • In taxation, representatives of government seize subjects' justly-owned property without their subjects consent-always under the threat of severe penalties if they refuse to comply.
                                                        • Therefore, taxation is definitionally and morally synonymous with robbery.
                                                        Why is using stolen money to bust or kill people moral?