Thursday, June 30, 2011

32 Patriotic Collectivists

I just saw this item that so clearly defines what you are, socialists:

 [You] proclaim [yourselves] to be against socialism; but reflect on the often-overlooked forms that socialism takes in our time. The first type is corporate socialism... In an effort to keep home values from falling and to keep American automotive companies from going belly-up, the whole of the American mortgage market is socialized and American car manufacturing put on the public dole.
A second type of American socialism comes in the form of a gargantuan military industrial complex that plows through more than a trillion taxpayer dollars each year to sustain the American empire around the world, and be enriched, of course.
Yet a third type is that which provides social security and medical benefits for older Americans, people who believe that because they have paid into these systems their entire lives, they are entitled to receive back as much as possible.
These three systems of socialism are a main cause of the American bankruptcy. They are absolutely unsustainable. A consistent application of the principle of liberty must take aim at these programs, across the board,with no exceptions. [The Killing and Reviving of the American Dream by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr at]
You argue that government officials must manage economic actions within a society, by maintaining employement levels, by deciding who may work, by regulating compensation for work performed by those who have permission to work from government officials, by creating jobs and regulating the placement thereof, and by treating labour as a resource for 'the collective good.'

You support efforts by government officials to manage the lives of residents, through the use of up-to-lethal force, as resources for the good of 'society', or for the good of 'the country', or for the good of 'our culture'.  

You simper that a collection of words, that defines the conduct of government officials and employees, in some way protects your power to say no. You whine that folks who promised to 'defend' this collection of words while employed in government servitude are forever obligated to keep such promise even after they leave government service.  You think that such folks' lives are resources to forever maintain support for words.

You put your children on a plane to hell, knowing full well that you are sending them to the potentional destruction of their minds and bodies through service to a government, in the name of your own safety. You see their lives as resources to use for a collective benefit.

You take offence at the principle of self-sovereignty, that your liberty comes from your ownership of your life, denigrating it as a leftist idea, as though left or right are moral rather than perspective differences. You hold that sacrifice to the greater good is a moral imperitive so long as such sacrifice comports with your own collectivist bias, that a life is a resource for collective benefit.